CoCo Joy 100% Natural Watermelon Juice, (12-Pack) Fresh Low-Calorie Watermelon Drink with Electrolytes, Vitamins C and A, and Potassium


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You can give in to what feels good with all the goodness CoCo Joy 100% Natural Watermelon Juice delivers. Just another fruit juice? Not a chance! The pure, sweet taste of our 100% juice drink is what sets us apart. CoCo Joy’s watermelon juice is delicious, refreshing, has no added sugars or preservatives, and has plenty of nutrients. We source non-GMO products with sustainable farming methods, and our products are never made from a liquid concentrate. Our juice is best served chilled, and you should shake it gently before serving. CoCo Joy started with a desire to make healthy, great-tasting, high-quality beverages that put the needs and values of the consumer first and foremost. We are dedicated to providing consistency in taste, functionality, and nutrition with an environmental focus on sustainability.

Our US headquarters are located in beautiful Utah. While not typically known as a watermelon-producing area, we couldn’t resist this scenic state with its gorgeous mountains and flowing rivers and lakes. So why is our watermelon juice so sweet? The melons are harvested at their peak, giving you the very best nature has to offer. This ensures that we pack in all the goodness and flavor with no preservatives or unnecessary added sugars.

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