DermaCure Acne and Scar Treatment, Maximum-Strength Scar-Treatment Cream with High-Quality Ingredients, 3.38-Ounce Pump Bottle


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DermaCure provides natural and safe alternatives to help the body treat and heal skin, nerve, and muscle ailments. Our proprietary blend of ingredients is gentle enough to prevent irritation but powerful enough to support your body’s immune system as it works to alleviate skin issues, targeted body pain, or ailments. These skin-cream treatments come in convenient pump bottles that are easy to use. Their 3.38-ounce size provides you with enough cream for treatment while remaining easy to pack and transport.

Help moisturize and heal scarred or damaged skin with our innovative, natural, and nourishing scar-reduction formula. Fast-working, fast-absorbing, and nonirritating, this body-blemish cream can be applied anywhere your skin may be marked, rough, or scarred. Use it on your feet, knees, arms, hands, or legs to help relieve your skin from the irritation brought on by unsightly scars and blemishes. Simply reapply it regularly for maximum benefits. Our maximum-strength formula is nongreasy and may work to support long-term healing and to minimize the appearance of scarring brought on by illness or injury.

Our body cream contains fatty acids and essential oils to help support your body’s immune system and may aid long-term treatment for stubborn, chronically scarred skin. The unique emulsion technology, nanoemulsion, targets and delivers the homeopathic moisturizing and healing-cream ingredients to the source of the discomfort, providing naturally soothing and supportive properties that may help promote overall healing. Use this cream as needed for safe and natural scar relief.

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