GetReadyNow | Zombie Survival Kit | Heavy Duty Clear Waterproof Dry Bag with Essential Survival Gear for Disaster Preparedness and Zombie Apocalypse.


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Emergencies strike when you least expect them. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst with GetReadyNow. We take the confusion out of emergency preparedness. Our emergency survival kit is premium quality because we make sure nothing goes into our pack without rigorous testing. The clear waterproof bag protects all of your essentials from flooding, rain, snow, or just spilled drinks in the car and makes it easy to see what you need so you can grab it fast. To help you even more, we pack and organize this kit precisely, placing the most crucial items strategically on top for easy access. Our emergency survival pack is always ready to use at a moment’s notice, so there is nothing to unwrap, assemble, or install. Everything in our worry-free kit, from water to food to batteries, has a 5-year shelf life, so you can confidently store this emergency kit away and forget about it until you need it. When life hands you a challenge, let GetReadyNow help you feel protected, ready, and in control.

Be confident and prepared with this state-of-the-art emergency zombie apocalypse survival kit. Unlike other car emergency kits that roll around in the back of the car or take up space in the trunk, GetReadyNow’s pack is designed to fit underneath the seat, in a seat-back pocket, or in the side-panel door pocket. This makes a huge difference! The pack is within easy reach when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

Items included: one 4-mode LED headlamp with batteries, 2 LED glow sticks, 1 wristband with LED light and whistle, 2 Millennium food bars, 6 water pouches, waste disposal bags, tissue packs, 1 Mylar blanket, two 8-hour hand warmers, 1 body warmer, 1 poncho, 1 tubular bandana, one 46-piece first aid kit, 1 pair utility gloves, duct tape, 2 dust masks, 4 AAA batteries, matches, and a multipurpose tool.

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