Hires Big H Root Beer Extract, Root Beer Soda and Dessert Syrup


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Think homemade root beer and you’ll recall all those great memories of family gatherings where making your own root beer was half the fun. Now you can keep those traditions alive with Big H Root Beer Extract. Whether it’s enjoyed in a chilled glass or served with ice cream in a frosty float, refreshing homemade root beer is the perfect beverage for picnics, parties, and barbecues, or with any meal. Each bottle makes 3 gallons of root beer and comes with our homemade root beer recipe.

Hires Drive-In was founded in 1959 by Don Hale, a grocer by trade. During the depression, his parents built a grocery store onto their home to help supplement the family income. Years later, Don worked his way through school and supported his young family by operating that grocery store. Always involved with fresh produce and quality meat through the grocery store, Don decided to become a restaurateur by opening a hamburger drive-in restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Because of Don’s attention to detail, Hires Big H Drive-In has become nationally famous, not only for its sensational food but also for its special condiments, sauces, and flavorings. Now you can enjoy the taste of Hires’s famous flavors in your own home. Hires is still a locally owned Utah company, and its products are all crafted in Salt Lake City.


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