NuvoH2O CitraCharge – New Packaging and Improved Formula! Hard-Water Buildup Remover, Dishwasher Booster and Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaning Agent for Sink Fixtures, Toilets, Glass, Washing Machines, and More


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Limescale buildup, hard-water spots, calcium deposits—if the very sound of them makes you want to run and hide, now you can fight back. CitraCharge is the power-packed cleaner and descaler that cleans, restores, and removes hard-water stains from your home. And thanks to its unique, all-natural formula, CitraCharge is safe enough to use in the dishwasher but tough enough to cut through chalky limescale and thick calcium deposits. The specially designed slow-release pouch makes CitraCharge perfect for use in appliances. Put a pouch in the dishwasher for spot-free glassware and utensils. Or put CitraCharge in the washing machine to clean and remove hard-water buildup. It even works in toilet tanks for a gleaming clean that lasts for weeks. You can also use CitraCharge as a cleaning solution. CitraCharge is perfect for cleaning just about all household surfaces. Just pour the contents of a single CitraCharge pouch into a spray bottle and add water. Spray the solution on hard water–stained surfaces and watch as fixtures, faucets, sinks, and more shine like new!

Hard water is one of the biggest water concerns for most homeowners across the country. Hard water can cause damage to your home and appliances by leaving scale and hard-water deposits and can drain your bank account with costly and preventable repairs. NuvoH2O offers the industry-leading citrus-based alternative to the old-fashioned, environmentally harmful salt-based systems.

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