TAROTskills Lightworker’s Deck – Online Education & Tarot Reader Community Included! Our 78 Card Tarot Deck is The Ultimate Beginner’s Deck, Learn to Read Accurately in 1 Hour, No Guidebook Needed!


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Get the ultimate beginners deck, which is designed to be accurately read without a guidebook in under one hour of (included) instruction! The Lightworker’s Deck is a limited-edition spiritual tool for intuitives and healers that INCLUDES a premium membership to the TAROTskills website, an online community for readers who want to advance their skills and demonstrate their knowledge. These are great tools for empaths, healers, clairvoyants, mediums, and psychics. Learn Tarot: Hack your intuition and accurately read tarot cards without a guidebook! No need to use a guidebook the look up the tarot card meanings because clues are built into the design of each card! It’s so easy you can learn to accurately read Tarot, in under 1 hour! Next Level Pros: Stand out in the crowd with a ReaderScore and certification. Looking for a tarot reader? We provide tools for those seeking a tarot card reader to identify the best match for them. We do this by certifying tarot card readers that demonstrate technical accuracy, measuring their level of sensitivity and intuition, and providing a platform to sort readers based on their characteristics, specializations, and fees.

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