TipNot Furniture Anchor, No-Tools-Required Furniture Wall Anchor to Protect Valuables and Keep Your Home Childproof and Babyproof, Holds Up to 300 Pounds, 2-Pack


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Whether you have an apartment, your first home, your dream home, or a vacation home, you will need some help keeping your family, self, and valuables safe. The TipNot Furniture Anchor set is an easy-to-use solution to keep bumps, shakes, quakes, or active little ones from tipping over your furniture. Available in a convenient 2-pack, these anchors will provide an extra layer of protection for your furniture.

TipNot anchors are rugged and will stand up to daily bumps and shakes. Each anchor is carbon-fiber reinforced for added strength and can hold up to 300 lbs. One anchor can be used for furniture under 36″ wide. For larger or heavier furniture, more anchors will be needed. No tools are needed to install these mounts. The easy and durable peel-and-stick design is all you need to secure your TV stand or bookshelf. Easy to hide, these anchors help you avoid eyesores like screws and cables. When it’s time to move your furniture, you can easily remove the anchor set without damaging your wall.

Nothing attracts a child’s attention like a piece of furniture that can be climbed. Protect your little ones and valuables by adding the TipNot anchor set to your bookcase or dresser as an extra layer of protection for curious children. To protect valuables like your TV stand or china cabinet, you can simply peel these TipNot anchors and stick them on your furniture. Easy to use, sturdy, and long-lasting with an affordable price, these anchors are a must for every home.

Weight 0.22 lbs
Dimensions 11.18 × 4.53 × 1.3 in
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