Inuslim Keto Fiber 16 oz – 30 Day Supply – Liquid Concentrate for Superior Absorption (Peach Flavor)


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In a fast-paced life, it’s hard to get the proper nutrients, let alone the recommended daily amount of fiber. When you’re always on the go, healthy food and overall health sometimes take a back seat. Inuslim Keto Fiber Liquid Concentrate has the solution. This liquid fiber is a super-simple way to promote and assist daily healthy bodily functions.

Each 16-ounce bottle of fiber provides a 30-day supply. Simply add 0.5 ounces of Inuslim to a glass of water, your favorite drink, or a delicious smoothie. You can also add it to your protein shake for a quick muscle-building boost. It has never been easier to get 12 grams of fiber into one drink, and the subtle peach flavor adds a delicious touch to your beverage of choice. Full of inulin fiber, this supplement reinforces good internal health by pushing out waste and encourages proper GI function.

The Inuslim Keto Fiber Liquid Concentrate is an easy way to promote internal health. This fiber supplement is keto-friendly, non-GMO, and vegan. Each serving of this inulin fiber contains beta glucan and taurine, which encourage a healthy metabolism to break down fat and keep your heart and blood system working at optimum levels. Great for low-glycemic diets and aiding calcium absorption, Inuslim Keto Fiber Liquid Concentrate is an effortless way to give your insides a healthy lift, support optimum intestinal function, and achieve proper gut health.

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