Pitmaster LT'S Kansas City Style All-Natural Gourmet Meat Rubs


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When it comes to amazing BBQ, Kansas City–style is the clear winner. Amazing flavors, captured and accentuated with wonderful smoke, make for the most mouthwatering meals. And what better way to get that KC taste than with a premium spice rub? Pitmaster LT’s Kansas City–Style Gourmet Pork and Poultry Rub delivers delicious Kansas City taste right in your own home. Onion, garlic, and paprika combine to create an award-winning flavor balanced with just a touch of sweetness. Wonderful on baby-back ribs, pork, and chicken wings as well as sprinkled over vegetables, the rich BBQ taste elevates even the plainest meals.

Pitmaster LT’s rub is made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients without excess salt or sugar. This poultry and pork seasoning is free of gluten, nuts, and soy and has no high-fructose corn syrup or preservatives, so it’s a safe choice when it’s time to grill for friends and family. Use this BBQ seasoning on chicken and pork, as a marinade, in meatballs, on salad, and so much more! It’s a tasty way to enhance your grilling, smoking, or Wednesday-night dinner.

Pitmaster LT’s is committed to providing the highest-quality and tastiest dry rubs and sauces for all your grilling, smoking, and barbecuing needs. Mr. LT is a proud US Army veteran and KC BBQ pitmaster who uses only the best for his grilling and smoking. Drawing from over three decades of experience living, eating, and working in the world of KC BBQ, Mr. LT pours that knowledge into his ingredient combinations, delivering exceptional taste in every bite.


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