Rustic Tomato Ketchup – Handcrafted 100% Natural Flavored-Packed – 20 oz Bottle – 1 Pack


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Turn up the flavor! Rustic Tomato is bringing traditional hot chili sauce, once a staple in American homemade cuisine, back to the table. We use only fresh, high-quality, non-GMO ingredients with no additives to deliver a 100% natural feel-good, comfort-food product. The ultimate versatile hot sauce, it can be used as a dipping sauce, marinade, cocktail sauce, garnish, or seasoning ingredient to pump up the flavor in any recipe.

Three generations have perfected the timeless tradition of our classic homemade chili sauce. We’re not talking about the spicy ketchup, hot sauce, or sriracha sauces seen today. At Rustic Tomato, our spicy hot sauce uses vine-ripened whole tomatoes, crisp green bell peppers, and fresh onions with a precise fusion of Grandma’s spices to make a versatile and mouthwatering masterpiece. We took our original sauce, what we call Sweet and Savory, and kicked it up a few notches by introducing other flavors like Smokey Chipotle, Sweet Heat, and Habanero Heat. It all started from Great-Grandma’s original recipe of 100% natural, no additives, made-from-scratch chili sauce. Today, this same family recipe is the foundation for Rustic Tomato chili sauce and the perfect balance of mouthwatering flavors.

We’re proud to say that Grandma’s Old World tradition of fresh, handcrafted, all-natural comfort food continues. Our passion and focus on great taste, healthy eating, and sharing the goodness is what created Rustic Tomato—where the company and its products are just that good.




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