Queen Bee Gardens All Natural Honey Caramel Sauce – 3 Pack Great on Ice Cream, Apples, Popcorn and more!


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In a valley at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, just east of Yellowstone National Park in northern Wyoming, is a small farm where Clarence and Bessie Zeller raised their family of three sons and three daughters. To support the family, they produced delicious handcrafted honey. In 1976, they decided to use an old family recipe from Bessie’s ancestors in Scotland to make and sell honey candy. They had all of the necessary ingredients for delicious candy—that special honey, the recipe, and the desire. The chewy candy they have perfected is so decadently good that it almost defies description! And you’ll love all of the other mouthwatering confections Queen Bee Gardens has added to their line since that long-ago beginning.

When it’s time to indulge in something sweet, whether it’s a creamy caramel sauce for coffee or a caramel drizzle for your favorite ice cream, cake, or pie, look no further than the all-natural goodness of Queen Bee Gardens’ Honey Caramel Sauce. Our sauce beats hot fudge any day when you want a decadent topping for vanilla ice cream, and it puts all other flavoring syrups to shame when it comes to livening up a latte, frappuccino, macchiato, or any other coffee or espresso drink. Our gourmet caramel sauce is artisanally made with only pure ingredients. We put farm-fresh butter and real cream, along with our very own Wyoming honey, in every delicious small batch of our Honey Caramel Sauce. They contain no artificial colors or flavors, and this sauce is gluten-free, wheat-free, and peanut-free. Our products are made with care, and we make sure that there is no cross-contamination during the production process. This sweet treat is a great local sauce made in Wyoming by Queen Bee Gardens—a family-owned and family-operated company since the day it was founded.

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