Slide Ridge Honey 100% Raw Unfiltered Artisan Bee Honey, Pure Natural Honey Harvested and Produced in Utah


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If you’re looking for a fresh, all-natural single-ingredient honey that is artisanally made and locally sourced, look no further. At Slide Ridge, we sell only pure non-GMO unpasteurized Utah honey. Our raw, unfiltered honey has no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors because we think you deserve only the best that nature and our honeybees have to offer. You can use our versatile, exceptional honey as a sweetener for your coffee or tea or as an ingredient in desserts. Swirl a dollop into some Greek yogurt, or spread on toast with jams or jellies.

Martin James and his family founded Slide Ridge in 2004 to safeguard the health and growth of the honeybee population. Martin has been passionate about honeybees since childhood. He started raising bees at age nine with four hives. Today, Martin and his family have approximately 3,000 hives nestled in Northern Utah. Karla James, Martin’s sister, has the honeybee passion as well and has been actively involved in the commercial bee industry for about 19 years. Karla is one of the few female commercial beekeepers in the country. She talks to honeybee keepers throughout the US regularly and holds seminars to assist them in their beekeeping programs.

“Without Honeybees we are in a world of hurt with our food supply,” Martin James claims. Honeybees contribute $15 billion annually to our food supply, and there is no way to replace them. Sales of our products help with research into better ways to keep the honeybees healthy and happy so they can continue to thrive and pollinate for generations.

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