Soapcreek Artisan Lip Mend 5 All Natural, Handmade Flavored Chapsticks


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Here at Soapcreek, we are inspired by the magnificence of the world we live in. It is our mission to deliver some of the beauty we experience every day by creating premium-quality products that are bursting with the vibrancy of nature. Because we are zealous about promoting good health and a green planet, our goal is to create the very finest natural body care products. We use essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs in place of harmful chemicals found in traditional body care products, and our minimal packaging comes from renewable sources. You can trust that we only use sustainable plant resources in our products.

Soapcreek is dedicated to bringing you old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship in the original American way. Each tube of our Lip Mend lip balm contains only the finest ingredients. Our products are not only pretty and pleasing to the eye but are brimming with completely natural nutrients and luscious moisturizers. Our extra-moisturizing, healing, and replenishing flavored lip balm is made with mild coconut, jojoba seed, and sweet almond oils along with other natural ingredients and refreshing essential oils. We carefully calculate the amount of each of the oils used in our lip balm to give you a moisture-rich lip treatment that will repair and rejuvenate your lips.

We meticulously mix each batch of Soapcreek Lip Mend by hand and then lovingly shape it into a unique artistic design. Why is hand mixing so important? We hand mix our products in small batches because it allows an actual person to oversee every step of the process, from making sure the right ingredients get added at the proper time and in the proper amounts to verifying that the mixing is thorough and complete. This attention to detail and tradition is what makes our unique natural body care products so special.


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