ZPasta Jalapeno Fettuccine – Bronze Cut Artisan Pasta 12 oz


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Pasta is one of the most popular foods in the world. Due to its widespread popularity, we get a lot of questions about buying and cooking, such as: “Is pricier artisan pasta any different from the 99-cent box of packaged pasta?” The answer is 100% “YES.” Artisan pasta is worth every penny! ZPasta originally began crafting and making pasta sauces. However, due to the lack of quality pasta available, we also began making artisan pasta. Since 1996, we’ve produced all of our pasta in small batches, ensuring that we put a lot of quality, care, and attention into each package.

Our ZPasta Jalapeño Fettuccine pasta is flavored with an all-natural jalapeño flavor. This adds flavor to the food, enhancing whatever type of sauce you use or eliminating the need for pasta sauces altogether. Our artisan pasta is handmade by professionals every day to guarantee that only the best ingredients and processes are used. This ensures a quality product with a much better flavor while also preserving the integrity of the wheat.

All of our different varieties of pasta are crafted with bronze die-cuts, which leave a rough texture on the exterior. This unique texture allows the pasta to hold sauce better, making for a heartier and more flavorful dish. The process of making real artisan pasta is slower, but the time spent and the attention to detail are what make our pasta so special. Due to our unique formulas and processes, our handcrafted dry pasta is perfectly tender and full of fresh, homemade Italian flavor. Each flavor is delicious when simply tossed with olive oil or butter and parmesan cheese. Our pasta will also bring an added dimension of flavor when paired with your own zesty bolognese, vodka, marinara, or carbonara sauce. Try any of our 13 beautifully flavored pastas today!


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